Travel Beds and Baby Equipment – To Rent or To Buy?

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    Travel Beds and Baby Equipment – To Rent or To Buy?


    When it comes to travel beds and cots, there are a few things each person needs to ask themselves before deciding whether to rent or to buy. How often are you really going to need the equipment? Is the worth the cost to buy? Do you host visitors often or travel a lot? How much space will the rented bed or baby equipment (high chair, travel cot) take up in the car? What is the priority – cost, space or convenience? Each person will have a different answer to the above questions, and it is in these unique answers that a decision will be made. That being said, we are here to help you get an understanding of what is out there in the world of travel beds and travel cots, both to buy and to rent. First, we will have a look at a sample of what you can expect to find out there if you want to buy.


    Travel Beds and Folding Beds


    JAY-BE Venus Single Folding Guest Bed with Dual Density Airflow Mattress

    Jay Be folding bed


    RRP: £179.00  Sale Price: £82.99   on Amazon for the model shown.

    This is a fairly average price that you can expect to pay for this type of fold up bed with a relatively thin mattress. What you want to look for here is that the bed is built to British and European standards at a minimum, and that it is easy to put together and store away.

    This model has a lifetime guarantee and an airflow fibre mattress. It is also built to British and European standards. What you would want to look into here, is do you prefer a fibre mattress, a sprung or a memory foam? As these all offer different ranges of support and also temperature that effect how we all sleep.


    High Quality Compact Bed with Sprung Slatted Base

    compact bed

    Price: £99.99

    This one is much cheaper in price than the Jay-Be, but then so is the quality. The mattress is tufted foam which is not to be confused with quality memory foam. The mattress feels more like a thin futon material in comparison to memory foam. If you would consider this model because of your budget, you may wish to consider renting a better quality travel bed or folding bed for even less.

    The base is steel sprung with wooden slats which gives a bit of comfort, but it is quite low to the ground, much like the height of a sunbed so bare that in mind if you have and specific medical or mobility requirements.


    What you can expect to pay

    For a good quality travel bed or fold away bed, you can expect to pay anywhere from £170+ You may find a good bargain beneath that, but the lower you go the lower the quality of mattress you can expect to receive for your money.

    What you can expect to get

    If purchasing, make sure you get a bed with a good guarantee, and if you can, test it out first to make sure the mattress is up to scratch with what you need for a comfortable sleep. Some models come with a wooden slatted base, and some with a metal sprung base. You can also get some models with a headboard.


    Dimensions vary mostly with the thickness of mattress as well as the length and height of the bed. A standard single foldaway bed will usually range from 2ft 6 in width to 3ft. Very many travel beds or folding bed frames come with wheels or coasters built into the frame, so when folded up they are easy to move into storage. As long as you have a deep cupboard.

    How often are you likely to use it?

    The real kicker question here for choosing what to do, are you really going to use the bed enough to justify the price of purchase? Or is it something you will use once in a blue moon when the inlaws or siblings come to visit? If you will use it often, then a good foldaway bed may be a good investment.

    How long is it likely to last?

    Not something you need to consider when renting, but certainly something to consider when buying. They are likely to last longer than your own mattress on your own bed, as these will normally be used far less. That being said, it all depends on the quality of the mattress and the quality of the frame. Bare in mind also, that as they spend most their time folded up, the mattress can lose shape if not stretched out from time to time.


    High Chairs

    babybjorn highchair


    BabyBjorn Highchair

    This is about as stylish as you can get for a travel high chair. The Baby Bjorn costs a snip under £180, but you can pick them up cheaper than that regularly on Amazon. This high chair folds into a convenient width of just 10 inches (25cm). With its detachable tray and two-step lock, this is about as good as you can get for a travel high chair, but it’s certainly not cheap. This might be more suitable for those that travel frequently, or for parents that want to give their child the comfort of their own seat whenever they are out visiting the family or friends.


    bebe high chair



    Bebe Style Modern HiLo Adjustable Recline + Highchair

    This Bebe Style chair is a modern take on the Hi-Lo chair, ergonomically designed and sporting a 5-point harness. High chairs in this type of style tend to cost between £50 - £70; much more financially available than the first example but not quite as robust and travel friendly. Whilst the chair does fold up, it’s not as compact as the BabyBjorn and does take up a bit more space in the car. If you are looking for a highchair that you can take with you on your travels you may find you have to pay out a bit more for a good quality and compactable chair. If the BabyBjorn is a bit out of your price range, you may wish to consider renting at destination for your travel high chair.

    What you can expect to pay

    Anywhere between £20 – £150 with the higher end of the range offering much more diversity in features and functionality. For a good quality high chair that is suitable and portable for travelling, you can expect to pushed toward the higher end of the price scale.


    What you can expect to get

    Cheaper chairs tend to be more sturdy, fixed and less wearing. Those that push out the price bracket offer more features to support posture and seating security of your child, and also more options for folding up and storing – there is simply more technology and design at work in more expensive models as a general rule.


    Again, more expensive models such as the BabyBjorn, can fold up unto a 10 inch width, however cheaper models tend to take up much more space, even when folded. For travelling you want to look for one that doesn’t just fold, but that has a detachable table

    How often are you likely to use it?

    This is the real driver here. If you are looking for a high chair that you can use day in day out, then there are plenty of affordable models on the market. If however, you are looking for a high chair that is very compactable and travel friendly, something you can take with you on your holidays or trips away, then you may have to pay more for a suitable model. If you are not likely to be travelling often during the life time of the product, then perhaps you would be renting for your occasional outings, you might find this a much cheaper and more economical option.

    How long is it likely to last?

    Most high chairs are likely to outlast the 3-4 years that your child will use them.


    Baby Travel Cots

    travel cot hire


    iSafe Rest & Play Luxury Travel Cot/Playpen - Navy (Black/Navy) 120 cm x 60 cm Complete With Mattress

    This iSafe Rest & Play travel cot is a great example of what’s out there in the market. At normal retail this will set you back £87.95, or £42.95 in the Amazon sale. Travel cots usually come with a mattress but be aware that in most cases these are very thin, often more suited as a playpen than a place for a cozy sleep. With this model there are 4 Mesh Side Panels that allow for ventilation and convenient viewing of your child. It is also very easy to set up and to fold away.

    These are great and compact for travelling, folding up into a space no larger than that of a folded 2 man tent. However, you do need space to store the mattress too. Some are thin enough to fold round the collapsed cot frame but thicker more comfortable mattresses take up more storage space. Something to consider when deciding to purchase, is quality of comfort against compact ability for traveling.

    cot hire


    BabyDan Travel Cot

    The BabyDan model here is another prime example of what is out there, and of the expected price range. This one is a little more expensive at £75, but without offering much more than the iSafe model above. Both measure in at 60cm x 120 cm, both are easy to fold and erect. The BabyDan model does however have wheels so moving it around is a bit easier, not that there is much weight to a travel cot. It’s a nice travel cot, with a storage pouch, good depth to keep the little ones from climbing out, and nice clear mesh sides for visibility.


    What you can expect to pay

    For a good travel cot, you can expect to pay anywhere between £40 - £90


    What you can expect to get

    You can expect to get a well-built frame that is easy to erect and fold up, mesh walls for good visibility, and a mattress. The mattress is usually quite thin, not great for night sleeping and more suited to naps and play through the day.



    A travel cot is easy to store, they tend to fold up into a bag no bigger than a 2 man tent. However, they are not the most comfortable. The mattress is usually pretty thin and they can be quite deep and claustrophobic.

    How often are you likely to use it?

    Again, here if you are likely to use it often during the time of your child’s infancy, then they really are not that expensive. As mentioned before they are better for afternoon naps and playtime rather than a good night’s sleep. If you are unlikely to use it often, preferring for your child to have a good mattress wherever you are travelling, then you may wish to rent a travel cot or even a cot bed at your destination – it may work out cheaper and you will have a little extra space in the car.

    How long is it likely to last?

    This really does depend on the quality of the frame and how easy the cot is to assemble and flatten. Most travel cots break prematurely from parents trying to force them closed, or not really understanding how to release the sides to put the cot down. Given that you can build it and flatten it properly, they should always last the full infancy of your child.


    Should you rent?

    Ok, so above we have provided a small set of examples of what is out there on the market to buy, and what you can expect to pay for the privilege of owning. But is buying really the right choice, and is it worth the money? Perhaps you would be better renting instead, so here are a few example of the benefits of renting your travel beds, travel cots and baby equipment.

    • Never gets old or uncomfortable, like new every time

    When renting from Hire-It Northolt, our equipment is great quality and like new every time. We rent folding beds, baby cots and high chairs, as well as clothes rails. Renting is great when you need the equipment for the rare to odd occasion and it can work out much cheaper and cost effective than buying.

    • Don’t have to dispose of at end of product life

    If you don’t own it, you don’t have to worry about disposing of the product at the end of its life. When you are finished with it, you give it back and that is the end of it.

    • Don’t have to store

    When you rent, you don’t have to worry about having a permanent resting place for the product when you’re not travelling, and you also don’t have to worry about valuable space in the car for taking it on your travels.

    • Cheaper than to buy

    With renting, you only have the equipment for the time that you need it, and at a snip of the price than to purchase new. Of course if you are travelling for a long stay then this might not be the case, but it doesn’t hurt to call and check right?
    At Hire-It Northolt our rates are unbeatable and if you have had a cheaper quote elsewhere let us know, we certainly don’t like to be outdone!

    What you get

    You get quality equipment like new every time, a good quality mattress or high chair, a very functional cot – whatever your needs are call us for a chat. What you also get, is a great delivery service, we’ll drop off and pick up the equipment at your convenience and you can’t get easier than that.


    We have a fleet of vans for pickups and drop offs so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

    What you can expect to pay

    Far less than it costs to buy. Call us for a quote today!



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